For well over a decade Caligula (Krycek) has has developed a sizable underground cult following with little to no self-promotion. After his debut radio single "MVP" hit college and indy radio stations back in 1999 it opened the door for a slew of classic tracks to follow. He has released two solo albums, the 2005 debut "Clone Killer" and the 2010 follow up "Divine Madness". Both critically acclaimed for rhyme pattern intricacy, story telling, wordplay, and hard hitting beats all coming together to give his albums a movie like quality and feel. His next project "Homemade Plague" will be released on the legendary NY producer DJ Black Panther's label Manekineko Pro Music and will be followed up with the GPNYC collaborative EP "Not Dead Yet". Stay Tuned…

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RT @therealstylesp: We gotta start glorifying health in our communities too many of us going too fast being healthy gotta become as cool a…

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Malcolm Hex

Jeff sessions is really cotton hill in disguise and no one will ever convince me otherwise.

by Malcolm Hex