CT Burners
CT Burners

Part human, part Brobot. Part big room house, part bass line banger. A DJ, Not A Rockstar. A connoisseur of his craft. His flawless mixing has been killing dance floors around the globe since 1995. Latest studio productions have been released through DJ's Are Not Rockstars and Nightshifters.

Recent collaborators Junior Sanchez, Alexander Technique, and Jess Jubilee will testify to CT's intense studio grind. Future missions with Double On The Rocks, The Message, and The Burner Brothers await to be unleashed...

CT Burners recently recorded a continuous mix for nightlife photographer Nicky Digital's blog. Click here to download or listen to it in the player on the right.

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Malcolm Hex

Jeff sessions is really cotton hill in disguise and no one will ever convince me otherwise.

by Malcolm Hex