DJ Wally
DJ Wally

Innovative producer, DJ and composer Keef DeStefano (better known under his aliases DJ Wally or Pish Posh) is a multifaceted pioneer with his avant-garde styles of hip hop, drum & bass and jazz. His groundbreaking music has seen releases on Mo’ Wax, Rawkus,Grand Royal, Liquid Sky, Sub Rosa, Ubiquity, and Thirsty Ear.

As DJ Wally he has released 9 albums, and another 2 as Pish Posh. He has also remixed a myriad of artists from Alicia Keys to Black Star (Mos Def & Talib Kweli) to Nina Simone. Wally stormed the scene with the Mustard Plaster EP, the B-side of which later appeared on Mo’ Wax’s monumental beat compilation “Headz 2” in 1997.

He became a regular contributor to DJ Soul Slinger’s Liquid Sky imprint and his solo debut album “Genetic Flaw” dropped shortly after. The same year “Dog Leg Left” (Ubiquity) hit the streets to rave reviews. In 1997 he joined forces with Rawkus Records and was instrumental in creating Rawkuts, the dance imprint of the indie hip hop giant. As Rawkus faded into the background in 2001, he sought out other ways to share his abstract musical arsenal and has been hard at work producing underground hip hop acts, DJing, and scoring for film and television.

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