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Bazooka Joe X Prospek "The Bush League: Cold Skool"
Bazooka Joe X Prospek "The Bush League: Cold Skool"

Slang Parade Music & GPNYC proudly present Cold Skool - The Bush League, a mixtape/compilation album featuring an all star lineup of underground MC's from all across the US. Production duties are handled primarily by Prospek (NOLA)& Bazooka Joe(BXNY) with assist from Jacksom Power, Coco Dank and guitarist Marc Lawrence.

The project features Bazooka Joe & Uppanotch from NY, Whygee out of Denver, Juskwam from Texas & L'Daialogue and his crew out of Memphis. New Orleans' talent was well represented with Lyrikill, Elespee, Slangston Hughes, Caliobzvr, Yuri Jones, D.O.N., Caligula Krycek & Impulss, S.Habib of Newark & a guest verse from Queens' MC junclassic.

The CD is now available for purchase here.


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