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Dirty Elegance "Ode to Bartleby"

Review by Jimmy Richardson


In the way that DJ Shadow re-defined instrumental hip-hop or Boards of Canada re-shaped headphone IDM, Dirty Elegance's new album, Ode to Bartleby, is so masterfully done electronica that it must recognize another watershed moment.

Clearly there are familiar sonic landmarks: "Style Rider" ventures into the moody strings-tinged cinematic mode of Blue Sky Black Death, while "The Scrivener" smacks of DJ Krush with somber piano and mournful trumpet. And yet while other tracks' whirrings, stuttering beats and chiming tones should get the attention of Fou Tet and Amon Tobin diehards, Ode to Bartleby still emerges far, far greater than its evocative parts. Cunningly textured and extremely magical, this is the new Endtroducing, the new Music Has the Right to Children.