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Dirty Elegance "Finding Beauty in the Wretched"

Review by Adam Bernard


Dirty Elegance is, upon first look, a dichotomy, but according to the man himself, he represents more of an overall view of the big picture of everyday life. In everything we see there is both the dirty and the elegant and Dirty Elegance's music is a direct reflection of this idea. His instrumental tracks set a mood that can be both relaxing and thought provoking at the same time.

Finding Beauty In The Wretched is most appropriate as a post-club, or relaxing night, in mood setter and includes a number of interesting vocal samples, including author and activist Elie Wiesel and killer Charles Manson. Dirty Elegance openly jokes that he's not going after Britney Spears' fans (which begs the question, are there any of those actually left?) What he is going after is inspiration. He felt the spark of inspiration a number of years ago, and he's hoping he can help spark someone else’s' creativity with his work. Sometimes dark but always Enjoyable, Dirty Elegance may never hit the pop charts, but Finding Beauty In The Wretched could find itself in a lot of CD players of the 21 and up crowd.

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