Dirty Elegance "Finding Beauty in the Wretched"

Review by HYPERmedia


(Translated from Russian)

I have a very fresh album; Dirty Elegance, 'Finding Beauty In The Wretched'. This is trip-hop with impurities of IDM, or IDM with impurities of trip-hop (for the more highly trained ear).

"The title of the album already offers us some thoughts", says music gourmands and philosophers.

Very good music! I proclaimed (three years ago) that IDM would gain momentum and join the different styles of music, taking a growing number of fans along with it. And for the first time, after having that thought, it now proves to be the case (needless to mention Thom Yorke's solo album), which utilized straight saturated IDM ... Dirty Elegance combines such interesting areas of trip-hop, IDM, and instrumental, complementing the beauty and aesthetics of this album . A mysterious, and sometimes monotonic tone is encountered when listening, with beautiful vocals periodically interwoven amongst the superbly distorted sounds and atmospheres.

This album was just placed on my list of best albums of 2007. Generally speaking, this year is very encouraging with a surge in the trends of multiple genres. I'm certainly ready, but do not know what to expect ... If it continues at this same rate, 2007 will be the year of musical creatures! I hope you share my view and appreciate the depth and creativity of Dirty Elegance, as music without words is not the same as music without meaning!