starklove "desiderata"
starklove - desiderata

starklove's debut LP "desiderata" is an illuminating expedition into beats and rhymes. The album fuses diverse styles, incorporating golden-era hip hop, breakbeat, avant-electronic and ambient influences. Featured artists include DJ D-Styles, Dirty Elegance, HAbiB, Big Pep, Sarah Tracey, Mr. Merlin and Dan Venne (of Cougar).

The album is built on a central theme… It is that which we desire most that leads to our downfall. We spend our lives trying to compromise our ideals with our reality. Within each of us is a war of personae. Each faction of the self pursues the same desire, but they battle because their motives differ.

The inevitable end is total annhialation... for we are all mortal beings. Our only hope is... in waging this war we may discover ultimate truths.

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